Who needs this? That was my first thought… seriously, are we taking things too far with a Bill of Rights for the social web? On first glance, everything that Scoble blogged about sounds like pure common sense. Even he says most people haven’t cared in the past and neither has he, but maybe we’re being all too trusting…

I went in with the naive assumption that I owned my own information. I posted it on the web to begin with, so it must be mine, right? But I started reading comment after comment from his readers–problems with Facebook and Google, information saved and stored away even when you want it deleted, and online social sites that are using personal information for their needs, not mine. So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, I don’t think this Bill of Rights will go anywhere soon. At this point, it’s just wishful thinking… something to think about. It would take too long for anything to happen in a Congressional sense. Maybe companies may voluntarily agree to the terms, but I also doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

So I’m left with the realization that the social web is here to stay. I can either join it or go live in isolation in Idaho (not a bad place to do that… believe me!). If the only way to participate is to take what exists now, I guess I’ll take it. Besides, there are new friends out there on the web that I have yet to meet.